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Prof. Mario Collotta   - 0935 526494
Mario Collotta                      



 - He received the confirmation by national advisory commission in order to became Associate Professor - August 3, 2017. Moreover the national advisory commission (July 26, 2018)  has declared that Mario Collotta is able to became Full Professor. 

- Since 2010 Dr. Collotta is Assistant Professor (SSD ING-INF/05) of Computer Engineering. He was Chair (“Presidente del CdL”) of the BD Course and MD Course in Computer Science Engineering and Telematics Engineering of Kore University of Enna, Italy. He was member of scientific organism that manages the PhD Course “Tecnologie e Management delle Infrastrutture Aeronautiche ” – Kore University of Enna.

- He is scientific responsible of Computer Engineering and Networks Laboratory of Kore University of Enna, Italy ( since 2011.

- Publications: He published several technical papers on peer-reviewed international conferences, books and journals ( in the area of Expert Systems.  He has served several number of committees of distinguished international conferences in the area of factory communication, industrial embedded systems and real-time systems. He is a reviewer for several international journals. – More details on ResearchGate profile - Scopus Profile

- Fields of research: the research activity is mainly focused on the study of innovative solutions and approaches in real-time expert systems and networks. His research interests include wireless networks and sensor networks, factory communication, distributed process control, real-time systems, energy-aware protocols and security expert systems



The research activity is focused on the study of control applications in expert systems and networks. His interests concern the realization of strategies and innovative algorithms in order to ensure a flexible management of resources in real-time systems and networks.


The flexibility refers to the ability of the system to dynamically adapt to changes in its operating conditions, without reconfiguration need.

The main aim of his research activity is to define flexible resource allocation policies (in terms of CPU time or bandwidth, depending on the context) and to achieve a good compromise between the respect of time constraints (timeliness) and efficiency, accepting, where possible, a limited performance degradation in environments characterized by soft real-time activities. Many case studies, in several expert systems  fields, have been (and are today yet) investigated including embedded systems and wireless communication in order to support and improve the performances in real-time networks.

He has participated and participates to several national and international research projects in the field of Expert Systems.



Università degli Studi di Enna "Kore" - Cittadella Universitaria 94100 Enna

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